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Plan a wedding

It is better to start planning a wedding six months before the occasion. In this case you may avoid hurry and disappointment because best photographers and toastmasters are occupied.

As soon as you decided to celebrate a wedding, you should start saving money if you don’t have the necessary sum.

You should think on what the marriage registration ceremony will be like. Besides the registry office, there is also onsite registration.

Onsite registration may be:

— in a restaurant;

— outdoors;

— thematic (in any other place interesting for you).

Consider that onsite ceremony costs more.

If you want a cost-effective wedding, you may reduce such items of expenses:

  1. Bride’s dress (great sum of money goes to this item)
  2. Hall decoration
  3. Nuptial car. You may ask for a prestigious car from your friends.
  4. Restaurant. Specify the possibility to bring your alcohol to the restaurant.
  5. Wedding rings.
  6. Cake. You may buy not a brand cake but order a copy in a confectionary, a copy of a rather good quality.
  7. Make invitations buy yourself.
  1. Fix the wedding date

    It’s necessary to define the ceremonial date in advance.

  2. 2 months before

    • Buy wedding rings
    • Precise the guests list
    • Buy a suit, shoes and all the rest for the groom
    • Decide about honey moon and travel route
    • Present documents to the registry office

    Applications to registry office are accepted at least a month before, not more than 2 months before the wedding.

    Documents for application to the registry office:

    • Application about marriage (filled in the registry office before presentation);
    • 2 passports;
    • Receipt on paying state tax 200 rub. For St. Petersburg: payment requisites are the same for any district (print receipt)
    • certificate of divorce or death certificate of former spouse (if any previous marriage);
    • marriage permit (for minors).
  3. Define data’s style

    Think about the style of the wedding.

    It may be a classical wedding or a thematic one: retro-wedding, “Rock`n`Roll” style wedding, nobleman wedding, wedding “Viennese Ball”, “Disco” style wedding, “Venice carnival” wedding, “Country” wedding or any other. Often newlyweds celebrate wedding inspired by their profession and hobbies. For example, a stewardess may celebrate her wedding in a plane. Here it depends on your fantasy and possibilities.

    Wedding style is defined by such items:

    1. Way of holding – buffet, banquet, ball, wedding picnic, wedding - club party, wedding- reception, wedding -cocktail.
    2. Design style - made in certain tonality with some specific colors (for example, browns may prevail in a retro wedding), objects or accessories. Of course, it's not just about the design of the hall, but also the image of the bride and groom, transport decoration, design invitations, etc.
    3. The atmosphere and the general essence of the Wedding, reflecting the soul spirit of bride and groom - romantic and lyric wedding, funny and catchy, extreme and casual, elegant, austere and pretentious, emotional or democratic etc.
    4. Wedding story and scenario.
  4. 1 month before

    • Make a try of hairdo and make-up
    • Fill and send the invitations
    • Ask the invited about their preferences in drinks
    • Buy alcohol and nonalcoholic beverages
    • Buy glasses
    • Buy (order) decorations for cars
    • Fit the dress
    • Decide on hall decoration
    • Order wedding trifle (cards to offer seats to the guests, stickers for champagne, bonbonniere, nominalserviettes for the table, prizes for contests with toastmaster)
    • Chest formoney(used intoastmasterscontests)
    • Make a scenario for the buy-out
    • Plan the events for the second day
    • Inform the guests on where to come
    • Book a room for the wedding night (if you are going to spend it in a hotel)
  5. 6 months before

    • Start collecting any information on weddings
    • Choose bridesmaid and the best man
    • Book a restaurant
    • Book a photograph and videographer.

    You should start looking for a photograph and videographer right now, it is especially actual for regions with lack of professionals.

    Discuss with your videographer the possibility to make a Love Story and the time for it (usually 1-2 months before the wedding).

    Think about a place for the guests to go after registration in the office:

    • Go to a small buffet in the restaurant while the newlyweds are walking by the city
    • If there are few guests, they may be present at newlyweds walk.
  6. 2 weeks before

    • Visit a beauty salon
    • Precise definitely the number of guests
    • Make a plan on offering seats to the guests in the restaurant
    • Take a few dance lessons with a choreographer (for wedding waltz)
    • Order a cake
    • Order bride’s bouquet
    • Buy all the necessary for the honey moon
    • Make a minute-by-minuteplanfortheweddingdayitself, bridesmaids,moms, dads, brothersandsisters
    • Make the wedding walkrouteandcoordinate itwith the photographerandvideographer

    Discuss with your photographer the places (locations) and photo-set time.

    3 options are available here:

    1. Before the wedding;
    2. At the wedding day (usually after registration);
    3. After the wedding.
  7. 3-4 months before

    Book cars for the cortege

    1. Book a bus for guests
    2. Gather information on nuptial salons
    3. Buy or order the dress and the accessories for it
    4. Buy shoes
    5. Buy lingerie and stockings
    6. Call all the invited and ask if they will come
    7. Buy or order invitations (still not send them)
    8. Book a toastmaster and musicians
    9. Find and book a hairdresser and a make-up artist
  8. 1 week before

    Hold bachelor and bachelorette party

  9. 2-4 days before

    • Make a control call to hairdresser, operators, toastmaster, musicians, drivers
    • Start wearing the shoes so that they don’t hurt on the wedding day
    • Prepare all the necessary for buy-off and car decorations
    • Buy fruitand perishableproducts
    • Buy or order a loaf
    • General rehearsal of wedding dance
    • Pack the bags for honeymoon
  10. The day before wedding

    • Prepare snacks for the arrival ofthe groom
    • Do manicure, pedicure, etc.
    • Prepare theroom forthe wedding night(if itis not going to be in a hotel)
    • Bring beverages to the banquet hall
    • Decorate the placeof the banquet
    • Pick up thecake
    • Preparesandwiches, fruit, champagne, sodafor the walk
    • Book a taxifor the evening
  11. Wedding day

    • Pick up bride’s bouquet
    • Spendthe most important dayin the lifewith a smileon faceand happinessin eyes.


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