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English for advanced and upper intermediate learners (together and having fun) (командная, групповая цель)

Goal version 2.0 :)

I thought that maybe it would be more interesting to do it together. I would like to invite to this goal all those who:

  1. Have a sufficient level of English to express themselves, but still lack fluidity and have some space for improvement.
  2. Need to improve their language in the nearest 6 months.

The idea is to post here (ideally daily, but at least once a week) a note containing:

  • Some short text in English. It can be a diary-like text with the events from your own life, news, joke; a variety of genres is welcome.
  • A note about what you have done for learning English over the week/day/couple of days.
  • Optional: links to interesting resources, images, useful information for other English learners.

All other participants are welcome to correct the texts (haha, this text too, I try to write it on my own and don´t use Grammarly) and to provide support to each other.

And for the guests of this topic: even if you don´t participate now as a learner, your information, advice, corrections, links and all kinds of useful English stuff are always welcome, just drop us a line ;)

The goal starts on 12/14/2020 and will be finished on 06/30/2021. Let's see how far we can get.

Together we can!

Useful resources

English University:

Complete English online course, from A1 to C2, with grammar, exercises, and spelling/punctuation issues: https://englishuniversity.eu/?L=4

The first lessons of each level are free, you need to pay 63 EUR per year to get access to the next ones.

Free English course (exam preparation oriented)


English movies and series:


English lessons based on series and movies ("Real English")


English novels:

(a very good selection, includes different options from Jane Austin to Stephany Meyer and from Isaac Azimov to Rowling)



List of C2 words (check your vocabulary) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1deZvW9La_Wtvj0pNG...

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  • 06 December 2020, 23:47
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