Simple rules

What not to do on Smartprogress

  • No troll

    SmartProgress is not a place for trolls and inadequate people. Notice for one-time violation, lifelong ban for repeated violation.
  • No agression and dirty language

    Learn to communicate withour agression and obscene language. Respect others' opinion. If you can't do this - there is no place for you.
  • No spam

    Obtrusive advertising of your services/products will be broken. We don't forbid exchange of usefull resources and contacts, but everything should be to the extent and to the point.


The resent Rules of site use (hereinafter referred to as «Rules») regulate relations between «SmartProgress» service's administration (hereinafter referred to as «Administration») and individual person (hereinafter referred to as «User») of online project that is placed in the Internet by address (hereinafter referred to as «Site»).

User is an individual person who joined the present User Agreement and registered on the Site in the appropriate way.

  1. User agrees that by registering on the Site and using the Site, he commits himself to:
    1. Provide for registration true, actual and full personal information requested at filling the form (Registration data);
    2. Provide login (email address) and password safety;
    3. Provide registration data and other personal information provided at registration in case of any changes in it;
    4. Respond for any actions made by User related to personal account use, as well as for any consequences that could entail or entailed its similar use.
  2. Limits for Site use:
    1. Site is available only for personal non-commercial use. It's forbidden to use the Site with aims to gain profit, to place commercial advertising, implement fraudulent schemes, financial pyramids and calls to participate in them.
    2. It's forbidden to place on the Site materials that violate property and(or) personal non-pecuniary rights and legal interests of third parties protected by law, including exclusive rights for objects of intellectual property, as well as those containing information prohibited to be disseminated by the Russian Federation law.
    3. It's forbidden to accumulate and collect email addresses or other contact information and Site's users personal data by means of automated or other ways for any puproses, including purposes of mailing unsolicited mail (spam) or other unwanted information;
      • infrige on third parties' honour and dignity, rights and interests protecred by law;
      • incite religious, racial or ethnic discord, contain attempts to inciting enmity or calls for violence;
      • propagandize fascism and ideology of racial superiority;
      • bear obscene or abusive nature;
      • infridge on existing state and/or political system, as well as contain calls for implementing terroristic activity;
      • be a campaign material;
      • contain advertisement of drugs, attemts to distribute drugs, recipes of their preparation and advices on their consumption;
      • contain pornographic images and texts containing scenes of pedo-, zoo- and necrophilia and other sexual perversions;
      • contain violence scenes or scenes of brutal treatment of animals;
      • contain description of means for and ways of suicide and any incitement to its commitment;
      • violate minors' rights;
      • violate authors and neighboring rights of third parties;
      • contain materials and/or technical solutions that automatically, without evident user's agreement, add code to user's system or change user's system settings
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