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Offer Agreement

The present public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) defines the relations between SmartProgress Project (sole entrepreneur Malikov Maxim Vyacheslavovich, Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor: 318554300050350) and the User (a capable individual who has accepted this Offer to conclude a deal by executing registration actions at (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

  1. Subject of the Offer
    1. SmartProgress Project provides services to all concerned persons, registered on the Site as the User, on the utilizing of the Site services to receive products (services) from the Site users having the status of the Coach in conformity with the terms of this Offer.
  2. Terms and Definitions:
    1. The Site – the website, used by SmartProgress Project on an ownership basis.
    2. Registration as a User – the sequential execution of all operations listed on the Registration page of the Site, implying voluntary, full and unconditional acceptance of all provisions of this Offer.
    3. The User – a capable individual who has consented to a proposal of SmartProgress by accepting this Offer in the form of actions to activate the "I accept the Offer Agreement" field when registering on the Site.
    4. The Coach – a User with specialized experience and knowledge who has been specifically authorized by SmartProgress to administer Coaching Programs. The Coach has the right to sell his/her products (services) to other Users on a fee basis.
    5. The User's Personal Account – a protected part of the Site software. It contains the User’s aggregate data, statistics, rating, status and other information related to his/her activities on the Site. Access to the Personal Account is possible after the User’s registration and authorization on the Site by using a login and password.
  3. Liabilities and Rights of the Parties
    1. Liabilities of SmartProgress:
      • To ensure round-the-clock operability of the Site, except when access to the Site is denied for reasons beyond the control of SmartProgress (the User not having the necessary software, Internet access; the actions of providers, energy companies; the impact of computer viruses and/or malware; technical or maintenance operations on SmartProgress hardware and software, etc.).
      • To empower the User to utilize services of the Site in order to participate in the Coaching Programs.
      • To accept (acting in charge of the Users) funds intended for paying the products (services) received by the User from participation in the Coaching Programs provided by the Coaches.
      • To maintain statistics on the Site (rating, status, participation in Coaching Programs, other information) of the User based on his activities on the Site.
      • To take standard technical and organizational measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the User's information.
      • To strictly comply with the privacy policy.
      • To act as an arbitrator in resolving various disputable issues between the Users – participants in a specific Coaching Program, regardless of their status in the Coaching Program. The decision of SmartProgress on the consideration of any dispute between the Users is final and not subject to appeal.
    2. Rights of SmartProgress:
      • To temporarily suspend the provision of services, if this is caused by the need to restore the functionality of the Site.
      • SmartProgress reserves the right to amend this Offer.
      • SmartProgress has the right to refuse the discharge of this Offer, to lock-out the User's account if his/her actions interfere with the normal operation of the Site.
      • To check the User’s personal data and the validity of his/her approval documents (certificates, licenses, etc.) required for creation and/or participation in the Coaching Programs, and in case of submission of incorrect, invalid information, to suspend or terminate the provision of services to the User.
      • To use the e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other contact details specified by the User on the Site for distributing promotional information. The User authorizes SmartProgress to use his/her mobile numbers, e-mail and other contact details specified on the Site to send him/her information about the operation of the Site, actions of other Users in the form of text messages and/or graphic images.
      • To use the information posted by the User on the Site (text of the goal definition, graphic materials of the goal, records and comments in the diary, etc.) for promotional purposes.
      • In case of systematic violations by the User of his/her obligations set out in clause 3.3. of the present Offer, SmartProgress has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services to the User (to lock-out the Account).
    3. Liabilities of the User:
      • Before registering on the Site, the User is obliged to carefully read this Offer, other information on the Site related to the procedure and rules for the provision of services, and also to keep track of changes on the Site.
      • To be personally responsible for any actions performed by using Personal Account, as well as for any consequences that might incur or have resulted from using it by third parties, if the User did not properly store his/her login and password.
      • To comply with the prohibitions and restrictions set out in chapter 9 of this Offer.
      • When registering on the Site, to indicate reliable, relevant and accurate private information, to promptly update this information in the Personal Account in case of changes and to be personally responsible for providing incorrect information.
      • To take measures to ensure the safety of the login and password for authorization on the Site.
      • To strictly observe the privacy policy.
      • To pay, through the services of the Site, for the products (services) received from other Users by agreement with these Users.
    4. Rights of the User:
      • To utilize the services of the Site in order to obtain products (services) from other Users by participating in the Coaching Programs.
      • To file complaints about the actions of other Users or the Coach in the event of various controversial issues between the participants of the Coaching Programs.
  4. Terms of Fulfillment of Obligations
    1. After the User’s having registered on the Site, SmartProgress enables him to participate in the Coaching Programs on the Site using the Site services.
    2. The validity period of this Offer: from the moment of the User’s registration on the Site to the complete fulfillment by the Parties of their obligations and making a decision to remove, lock-out the User's Account.
  5. Privacy Policy
    1. Any personal information transmitted by the Parties to each other during the conclusion, execution of this Offer is confidential.
    2. The Parties are committed to comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation governing legal relations associated with the establishing, change and termination of the confidentiality regime regarding the personal information of the Parties and not to disclose confidential information to third parties.
    3. The User gives permission to SmartProgress to collect, process and store his/her personal data.
    4. In order to fulfill obligations under the present Offer, SmartProgress collects two types of information about the User:
      • personal information that the User voluntarily disclosed to SmartProgress in order to use the resources of the Site;
      • technical information automatically collected by the software of the Site during the session. When the User browses the Site, the information from the standard server logs becomes automatically available to the Support Service. This includes the IP-address of the User's computer (or proxy server, if it is used to access the Internet), the name of the Internet provider, domain name, type of browser and operating system, information about the site from which the User navigated to the Site, pages of the Site visited by the User, the date and time of these visits, the files that the User uploads, downloads. This information is processed programmatically in an aggregated (impersonal) form to analyze website traffic, and is used in the working-out of proposals for improvement and development of the Site. The link between the IP-address and the User's personal information is never disclosed to third parties, except for those cases when it is required by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    5. SmartProgress takes the protection of the User’s personal data and third parties very seriously and never provides the User's personal information to anyone, except when directly requested by the authorized state body of the Russian Federation (e.g. upon a written request from the court). All the User’s personal information is used to communicate with him/her, to analyze traffic of the Site, to work out proposals for its improvement and development, and can be disclosed to third parties only with his/her permission.
    6. SmartProgress protects the User's personal information by applying standard security methods to ensure information protection from loss, distortion and unauthorized distribution. Security is implemented by firewall software, access verification procedures, the use of cryptographic information protection tools, and compliance with the privacy policy.
    7. The Site implements a user identification technology based on the use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored on the User's computer through a web browser. Cookies may be recorded on the computer used by the User to access the Site, they will later be used for automatic authorization, as well as for collecting statistical data, on the Site traffic, in particular. SmartProgress does not store personal data or passwords in cookies. The User has the right to prevent the storage of cookies on the computer used to access the Site by adjusting his/her browser accordingly. But it should be kept in mind that all services using this technology may not be available.
    8. The User is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of information about technologies, financial parameters, and other information about the Coaching Programs in which he/she participates, except for the one that automatically becomes publicly available on the Site, or is published by the administration on the Site.
  6. Responsibility of the Partiess
    1. Responsibility of SmartProgresss:
      • SmartProgress guarantees the proper fulfillment of its obligations under this Offer and bears full responsibility for their violation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
      • SmartProgress is not responsible for the failure to provide services if the User does not have access to the Site via the Internet for reasons beyond the control of SmartProgress (the User not having the necessary software, ability to access the Internet; the actions of providers, energy companies; the impact of computer viruses and/or malware, etc.)
      • SmartProgress does not take any part in transactions between users of the Site, does not participate in the process of creating their advertising and other information about the products (services provided), does not guarantee the conclusion of any deals between users of the Site and is not responsible for the consequences of such transactions, both within the Coaching Programs on the Site, and outside of them.
      • SmartProgress is not responsible for the safety and non-dissemination of confidential information by Users in personal correspondence with other users of the Site.
      • SmartProgress is not responsible for incorrect, inaccurate personal data and any other information posted by the User or another person under the User's Account on the Site, for the actions of any user or a third party, including extermination, damage, theft and unlawful access to the Coaching Programs, materials and other data of other users.
      • SmartProgress is not responsible for any indirect, accidental, unintentional damage, including but not limited to lost data, real injury or damage to goodwill, loss of profits caused by the use of the services of the Site, its components and materials, access to which was obtained through their assistance, even if SmartProgress indicated the possibility of such damage.
    2. Responsibility of the User:
      • The User is fully responsible for the proper fulfillment of his/her obligations under this Offer in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
      • The User is responsible for any (including unauthorized) actions of third parties that took place when the User's login and password were entered, as well as their consequences.
      • The User is personally responsible for any materials or information that he/she uses when participating in the Coaching Programs, posts on the Site, conveys to other users or otherwise brings to public knowledge through the services of the Site.
      • The User is obliged to reimburse SmartProgress and/or third parties for losses incurred in connection with his/her actions, including but not limited to violation of this Offer, copyright, exclusive and other rights.
  7. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
    1. All disputable issues are resolved through negotiations, the Parties have established a mandatory claim procedure for resolving disputes.
    2. Any dispute, disagreement or claim that arises from or in connection with this Offer, which cannot be resolved under the pre-trial order, must be finally resolved by the competent court of the Russian Federation. The official language is Russian.
  8. Prohibitions and Restrictions. The User is prohibited:
    1. To use the Site in any way that may interfere with its normal functioning.
    2. To upload, publish, transmit, otherwise bring to public knowledge or give another user any information that contains threats, discredits or offends other users or third parties; that is deliberately false, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent; that infringes on personal or public interests, promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, any other information that violates the legally protected human and civil rights; to propagandize and demonstrate Nazi attributes (symbols) or otherwise violate the requirements of International Law, the legislation of the country of residence or location of the User.
    3. To misguide users and/or SmartProgress about his/her identity, using the User's Account or personal data, deliberately distort the ​​self-concept, age, personal qualities, experience, knowledge and skills, or relationships with other users, persons or organizations.
    4. To post on the Site or in any other way to distribute or bring to the public personal data, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, passport details and other private information of other users or any third parties without their personal written consent to such actions. To obtain and extort confidential information from other users and/or third parties.
    5. To post on the Site any information related to bank account details, credit card numbers, electronic currency details and other information that may be used by third parties for personal gain.
    6. To post on the Site any files that contain or may contain viruses and/or other malicious programs and links to them.
    7. To describe or promote criminal activities, to post instructions, guidelines and/or links to them for committing criminal acts; to incite users to committing criminal acts.
    8. In any way, including hacking, to try to gain access to someone else's account on the Site against the will of the person who owns it.
    9. To post any information, audio recordings, photos and video images, software or access codes to such software that violate the exclusive intellectual property rights of users, SmartProgress or third parties.
    10. To post any other information that, in the opinion of SmartProgress, is undesirable, does not meet the purposes of the creation and operation of the Site, infringes upon the interests of third parties or for other reasons is inadvisable for posting on the Site.
    11. To accumulate or collect e-mail addresses, mobile numbers or other contact details of users by automated or other means for the purpose of sending unauthorized SMS, messages via electronic communication channels (spam) or other unwelcome information.
    12. To mailout spam (messages initiated via SMS, e-mail and other communication channels) to other users without their prior consent and/or not allowing to identify the sender of these messages, including those containing a nonexistent or faked sender address.
    13. To take actions that are deceptive advertising, anti-advertising.
    14. To drive up experience. Driving up experience is understood as any action main purpose of which is to gain experience by artificial means.
    15. To register fake (not real) accounts for the referral program.
    16. To register multiple accounts for one person.
    17. To conduct any commercial activities, as well as to offer other users of the Site paid services without getting a prior approval of the Site administration.
  9. Force Majeure
    1. Neither Party shall be liable to the other party for delay, failure to fulfill obligations due to circumstances arising against the will and wishes of the Parties and which cannot be foreseen or avoided, including declared or actual war, civil disorder, epidemics, blockade, embargo, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural calamities.
    2. The Party that does not fulfill its obligation must give notice to the other Party about the obstacle and its effect on the fulfillment of obligations under the Offer.
    3. If force majeure circumstances have been in effect for 6 (six) consecutive months and do not show signs of cessation, this Offer may be terminated by either Party with a notification of the other Party and is considered terminated from the moment of receiving the notification.
  10. Other conditions
    1. SmartProgress retains the right, at its own discretion, to make changes and/or supplements to this Offer at any time without prior and/or subsequent notification of the User. SmartProgress will publish changes to the Offer on this page of the Site. Further participation of the User in the Coaching Programs on the Site or usage of the services of the Site after any such changes means his/her acceptance of those changes and/or amendments. Regular viewing of this page to get acquainted with the current version of the Offer is the responsibility of the User. The latest version of the Offer replaces all previous versions of the Offer.

Offer Agreement to Conclude a Deal between Users

This public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) defines the relations between the Users of the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) of SmartProgress Project (sole entrepreneur Malikov Maxim Vyacheslavovich, Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor: 318554300050350), who made a decision to conclude a deal, by executing actions to confirm their participation in a specific Coaching Program on the Site.

  1. Subject of the Offer
    1. The User in the Coach status (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) will provide information and consulting services (hereinafter referred to as Services) both on a non-repayable and fee basis in the interests of the User in the Participant status (hereinafter referred to as the Customer).
  2. The Procedure and Terms for the Provision of Services
    1. The Contractor creates Services under this Offer immediately after the Customer, through the resources of the Site, has confirmed his participation in the Coaching Program formed by the Contractor on the Site.
    2. The Contractor, using the resources of the Site, starts Coaching Programs, the subject of which corresponds to his professional competence and the availability of the necessary approval documents (licenses, accreditations, etc.). The terms for the provision of Services within the framework of such Coaching Programs are established by the Contractor.
    3. The Contractor undertakes to provide Services under this Offer within a specified period until the successful completion of the Offer.
    4. The Services are provided through the resources of the Site, which enable the Participants of the Coaching Program to exchange all types of information (text, graphic, audio and video files).
    5. The result of Services is providing the necessary information to the Customer, preparing the necessary documents, obtaining licenses and other permits, software development, etc. The fact confirming the proper provision of Services is the successful completion by all participants of the Coaching Program through the resources of the Site.
  3. Rights and Liabilities of the Parties
    1. The Contractor undertakes:
      • To properly, efficiently provide Services in accordance with the terms and procedure outlined in the Coaching Program.
      • To accept from the Customer all the details, documents and information necessary for the execution of this Offer.
      • To perform in good faith the duties of coaching in a specific Coaching Program on the Site.
      • To share experience with the Participants of the Coaching Program, advise the Participants on the most optimal solutions in achieving their goals during the entire period of the Coaching Program.
      • To respond to all cases requiring Coach’s participation, to make decisions on the Coaching Program no later than 24 hours from the moment the decision is needed.
      • Based on the results of rendering Services, to provide the Customer with all the necessary information, conclusions, documents, licenses and other materials and data needed for the proper and high-quality provision of Services within the framework of the Coaching Program.
      • Within the duration of Guaranty Period, to satisfy all reasonable claims in the event that the Contractor renders Services of inadequate quality. The period of the Guaranty corresponds to the period during which the Coaching Program was carried out.
    2. The Customer undertakes:
      • To provide all the information necessary for Services, as well as expectations for the results of Services rendered.
      • To pay for the work of the Contractor under the terms set out in Chapter 5 of this Offer.
      • To comply with the terms of the Coaching Program.
    3. The Contractor has the Right:
      • Not to commence providing Services, to suspend the provision of Services, in cases where the violation by the Customer of his obligations under the Offer prevents the Contractor from providing Services within the framework of a specific Coaching Program.
      • To exclude the Customer from the Coaching Program in the event of his/her violation of the terms of this Coaching Program, while the decision to refund money to the Customer for participation in the Coaching Program remains at the discretion of the Contractor.
    4. The Customer has the Right:
      • To check the progress and quality of the provision of Services, without directly interfering with the activities of the Contractor.
      • To request consultations, documents, data, other information related to the execution of this Offer.
  4. Procedure for Completion of the Coaching Program
    1. After the proper provision of Services to the Customer within the framework of the Coaching Program, the Contractor, through the resources of the Site, performs actions to close the Coaching Program.
    2. The Customer, through the resources of the Site, is obliged to confirm the closure of the Coaching Program or send the Contractor a reasoned objection to the closure of the Coaching Program. If the Customer had not confirmed the closure of the Coaching Program and had not sent a reasoned objection within 5 (five) working days after the closure of the Coaching Program by the Contractor, the Parties agreed to consider Services to have been provided by the Contractor properly, and the Coaching Program closed.
    3. Having received a reasoned objection to the acceptance of the Services by the Customer, the Contractor is obliged, within a reasonable time, to eliminate the faults and close the Coaching Program again under the statutory procedure set out by this chapter of the Offer.
    4. If in the process of closing the Coaching Program irresolvable disagreements arise between the participants of the Coaching Program, the dispute shall be submitted to SmartProgress under the statutory procedure set out by the SmartProgress Offer.
  5. Cost and Procedure for Payment for Services
    1. The cost of the Contractor's Services within the framework of the Coaching Program is determined by the Contractor through the resources of the Site when opening the Coaching Program. The cost of Services is fixed, but can be changed if mutually agreed by the Parties.
    2. Payment for the Contractor's Services under this Offer is made by the Customer by transferring funds through the services of the Site when the Customer joins the paid part of the Coaching Program.
  6. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. The Parties agreed that all intellectual property objects that appear during the execution of this Offer within the framework of the Coaching Program will belong to the author of these objects.
    2. Any use of intellectual property objects and their parts created by the Contractor as a result of the implementation of this Offer is allowed only with the written consent of the Contractor on the basis of supplementary agreements.
  7. Responsibility of the Parties, Dispute Resolution.
    1. All disputes and disagreements between the Parties that may arise under this Offer are resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the dispute is subject to arbitration by SmartProgress Inc. The decision made by SmartProgress Inc. on the consideration of any dispute between the participants of the Coaching Program is final and not subject to appeal.
    2. The Contractor is fully responsible for all documented losses incurred by the Customer when using the results of the Services provided by the Contractor.
  8. Force Majeure
    1. The Parties are exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under this Offer, if this failure was the result of force majeure circumstances, as well as the adoption by state bodies of legislative acts that impede the fulfillment of the conditions of this Offer. In this case, the fulfillment of obligations under this Offer is postponed for the duration of the force majeure circumstances and their consequences.
    2. In the event of the above circumstances, each of the Parties must notify the other Party in writing within 5 (five) days from the moment of occurrence of these circumstances.
  9. Duration of the Offer
    1. This Offer comes into force from the moment of its acceptance upon confirmation of participation in the Coaching Program and is valid for the duration of the Coaching Program, but in any case shall be in full force until the obligations of the Parties have been fulfilled.
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