What is SmartProgress? #

SmartProgress – is a service to achieve goals, which enables to keep a diary of achievements, read interesting goals of other people and gain coaches’ support.

This is a service for setting and achieving goals. Its objectives are to help properly structure and arrange the information on goals, provide communication with like-minded people and coaches.

SmartProgress has incorporated a variety of tools, turning the process of achieving into an exciting experience.

Sociality is an important aspect of the service. The user gets at his disposal an open diary, a platform for expressing his thoughts or describing his achievements/problems/ difficulties. Other users of the service can comment on posts or offer advice.

Publicity adds the user’s responsibility both to his own self and to others. The progress of the goal achievement is displayed on a specially designed scale, where in an intelligible form it is shown what and how much has already been done and what is still to be done.

What is a Goal? How to set goals? #

When people speak about a dream, they often mean some abstract desire to possess anything or anyone, without having specific timelines.

Phrases like «I dream of the peace in the world» or «I dream to own a home» have the same trait – they are not backed up by a serious intention. Such fantasies are doomed to remain dreams forever.

What distinguishes a goal from a dream?
First, goal is characterised by precise wording and forethought, that is kind of an action plan. One should at least roughly understand how to achieve goals.
Second, time limitation. There is an answer to the question: How soon do I have to reach the goal?
And, of course, if you have an intention to reach the goal, you need to consider your resources.

Nowadays, there are many different techniques described in the books on time management and being discussed in well-known business schools. But most of them take as a basis the S.M.A.R.T. methodology. That's exactly what we use in our service.

Setting goals by the SMART method #

SMART is an English abbreviation, compound of the criteria, a goal must comply with:

S — Specific
To meet this criterion, creating a goal you should specify its title so that there was no dual interpretation and inaccuracy. For example, choose the definition «To run online flower shop in New-York» instead of «I want to sell flowers» or «To lose weight up to 80 kg» instead of just «To lose weight.» The same requirement applies to the description of the goal.

M — Measurable
Where do you have to come in the end? How can you identify the goal is completed? On SmartProgress there is an option «Accomplishment criteria», which offers you to answer such questions.
In the case of online flower shop there may be a parameter «Monthly profit of $10,000» and with losing weight – «Weight of 80 kg.»

A — Attainable
This means that you have or will have in the nearest future resources to achieve the goal. Resources in a person's life can be: time, money, beneficial contacts, information, knowledge and skills. If you possess neither of the above resources, your chances to achieve the goal tend to zero.

R — Relevant
Will the achievement of this goal really bring the desired results? This parameter is also called Goal ecological compatibility.
Ecological compatibility may be of two kinds: external and internal.
External is a conformity or nonconformity of your goal with the rest of the goals.
Internal is a concordance of the goal with your beliefs, feelings, lifestyle.

T — Time-bound
Time is your best friend, if you start using a plan. Impose a deadline, and it will be pushing you to achieve the goal on time.
On SmartProgress, the timelines for the goal and its steps can be set by clicking on the «Time frame».

After this, the progress-bar will be always displayed in the goal header and remind you of deadlines.

What is a Goal-Habit? #

Not all the goals can and should be described step by step, and the full principle of SMART is not applicable to them. Habits included.

The habit of brushing our teeth in the morning was inculcated in the childhood, as well as washing hands before eating. But as adults, we understand that with age we have also gained bad habits. To get rid of them is difficult, but possible. The secret lies in the gradual replacement of the old habit with a new one.

The principle of graduality applies to good habits, too. You want to do exercises every day? No problem, start with 3 minutes a day and gradually increase the training time.

Goal-habits on SmartProgress play the role of a motivator. You should make marks regularly.

For example, you had set a goal «To give up smoking» and kept records for 10 days, but the 11th day got missed, so then in your goal a red “X” (failure) will appear, and you will have to start implementing the required habit afresh. Those are the rules!

NB! If you have a PRO-account, there is an opportunity to cancel the failure and continue your marking every day.

Once the last mark is made, the goal will end automatically, and you will be asked to write a conclusion to it.

If you have had 10 consecutive failures, the goal is automatically considered a fail!

To set a goal-habit, when creating a goal select the appropriate tab at the page top.

What is a Team Goal? #

On SmartProgress there is a possibility to achieve goals together with a group of like-minded people. To do this, when creating a goal specify the Team Goal by clicking on the «+» icon at the bottom of the goal designer and select team members from your friends list. After you’ve created a goal, all team members will get notifications of being invited to the team.

Team Members have the following rights to:

  • Add posts to the diary
  • Amend and add steps
  • Assign a status to the steps and the goal on the whole (active/completed)
  • Operate with dates

Team members are not allowed to delete the goal. This goal will be interesting, for example, to newly-weds when both spouses are involved in planning their wedding, or a team of travellers who are going to conquer Mount Everest together and come from different cities. They will be able to remotely make up a plan of actions and a list of purchases needed for the campaign.

What is the button «Subscribe» for and where are all the subscriptions? #

If you want to follow all the updates of the goal you are interested in, you’d better use the subscription function and then look through the new journal entries in the News Feed.

You can get to the News Feed by clicking on SmartProgress logo in the header, or by clicking «Main» on the menu.

The «Subscribe» button is placed in the left lower corner of any goal.
You can view your subscriptions on the Subscriptions page, which is located in your profile.

What is «Word Value»? #

Word Value is a stringent technique to achieve the goal. You can activate it when creating a goal, by clicking on the button at the bottom of the goal designer.

More details about «Word Value» can be found on this page.

Jury trial
If you have set a goal with Word Value, your subscribers become members of the jury.

Your goal subscribers observe the process of achieving the goal, and can assess your achievement results fair-minded.

Once the goal is completed, a letter is sent to all the subscribers with a request to assess your fair-play. Unreliable and unrealistic data will cause doubt, that’s why we ask you to provide as much evidence as possible, preferably photo or video reports. Voting shall take place within 5 days from the closing date. The decision is made by a majority vote, that is, if 6 of 10 subscribers have voted «For», and 4 «Against», the successful completion of your goal shall be confirmed.

Not all the subscribers can be a part of the jury. Beginners below level 3 are excluded and do not participate in the vote. If the goal has not collected more than 12 subscribers, the voting is held by the site administration.

How to appeal against the decision of the jury?
If for some reason you don’t agree with the decision of the jury, you may appeal to the SmartProgress administration within 7 days after the end of voting, sending an email to the site administration.

How is Experience calculated? #

Experience is a unit of activity and competence of the users. It is calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Points for completing the goals
  • Points for the reports on the goals
  • Points for the “likes” to your goals, posts and comments from other users
  • Points for inviting friends

The exact amount of experience, assessed for each item, will depend on many factors. In some cases, the experience can’t be assessed at all.

For the “likes” in team goals the experience is shared by all team members in equal proportions.

Experience has a direct impact on your position in the list of the site users. You can view your experience on the front page, next to your avatar.

What is a level? #

Level enables you to get additional opportunities and bonuses while working with the site.

A complex system of levels, like those used in virtual games, is implemented on the service. It’s not linear and can become an additional incentive in achieving your goals. Level system helps turn the process of achieving your goals into an exciting game, with one big plus: this «game» will influence your life, not the life of your virtual personage.

Totally, there are 10 levels. On the fifth level, you have to select a thread of further development.

View level scheme

What is PRO-account? #

PRO-account enables you to expand opportunities in working with the service.

Number of active goals:
Initially, one can publish only 2 goals, this is done to make a person focus on a small number of goals. Along with the user’s experience the number of goals available is increasing. PRO-account enables you to set an unlimited number of goals.

Creating Team goals:
What is a Team goal, see above. With PRO-account it is possible to invite more than one person to the team.

Rising the Goal up:
Every day new goals appear on SmartProgress, which move your goal down the list. The lower is the goal, the fewer people notice it, but you certainly want more publicity and popularity! Here helps the function of rising your goal up the list.

To view other advantages of RRO-account, click here

What is coaching? #

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of learning anything, invented by the mankind. Pushkin stringed along with Derzhavin, Alexander of Macedon – with Aristotle, and Plato – with Socrates.

Group programs are currently available on SmartProgress.

Group programs with a coach.
The point of the group program is that each participant would set certain goals to himself and keep a diary of his progress. Coach, in his turn, would view these entries and give feedback. All participants are grouped, which enables them to share their experiences and knowledge.

For more information about group programs view here.

How to become a coach? #

To become a coach, you have to submit your application on this page.

After getting access to the functionality of a coach, you will be able to create your first program. All programs are individual, you may set the number of goals, time frames of the reports, specify the time of the familiarization period, and more.

After publication, your program will appear in the list of Coaching section.

We made it possible to invite either your old customers, simply by indicating their email, or to find them on SmartProgress. After launching the program you can split people into groups and assign each of them a curator.

In the table you can view the activity of all participants. A blue check mark – the report is made, a red one – the report is missing. When you create the program, you have the opportunity to set the time when reports on goals are to be made. If a participant doesn’t demonstrate any activity, he gets excluded from the program.

In addition, the platform enables you to assign homework and to easily check its performance.

Your interaction with the participants takes place either in the format of online broadcasts, or through live meetings.

Requirements to coaches:

  • Age of 24 and above
  • Extensive experience in the profession / specialization
  • Preferred experience in teaching or conducting trainings
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