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Getting Started


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Week 1: The Mental Screen, Projection of Consciousness & Intuition


Step 3

Week 2: Theta Brainwaves and Waking Psychic Ability


Step 4

Week 3: Manifesting & Healing


Step 5

Week 4: Delta Waves, Higher Guidance & the Mental Video Technique


Step 1

Getting Started


Step 2

Week 1: The Mental Screen, Projection of Consciousness & Intuition


Step 3

Week 2: Theta Brainwaves and Waking Psychic Ability


Step 4

Week 3: Manifesting & Healing


Step 5

Week 4: Delta Waves, Higher Guidance & the Mental Video Technique

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Personal development

The Silva Ultramind System (Mindvalley Course)

For the individual in search of activating their mind's full potential...

Are you looking for the solution to a stubborn challenge or uncertainty?

A way to more quickly manifest a personal or professional goal?

Or perhaps you crave greater alignment with your most authentic purpose and potential?

You may have been told that the answers you seek are waiting inside you. But how exactly do you access them?

The answer, as you’re about to discover, is in accessing altered states of consciousness that everyone is born with - but few know how to access at will.

This priceless skill is what you gain through The Silva Method: one of the most acclaimed, enduring, and scientifically proven approaches to mind empowerment on the planet.

Unleash Your Mind With The Silva Ultramind System

The Silva Ultramind System is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential.

It is based on The Silva Method: a pioneering mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Texan radio engineer Jose Silva, with over 6+ million students in 110 countries.

Through an easy-to-follow process, you gain an instinctive understanding of the four primary states of consciousness the human mind operates in - and how to use each one to perform, evolve, and live at your peak:

    Your default level of consciousness when you’re awake and alert.
    A calm and receptive state experienced during relaxation and light sleep. The optimal state for learning, growth, and self-awareness.
    The state of meditation and deep sleep. Enables enhanced introspection, self-hypnosis, mind-body healing, and more.
    The deepest state of unconsciousness and dreamless sleep.

After decades of rigorous case studies and research, The Silva Method has found that the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness play the biggest roles in a person’s self-evolution.

This observation is confirmed by countless peer-reviewed studies: including studies on indigenous communities that harness this ‘polyphasic’ understanding of consciousness to awaken abilities unknown to the average person.

The Silva Ultramind System gives you the tools to access these abilities at will - so using them to transform your life becomes as easy and natural as breathing.

The Curriculum

Explore The Silva Ultramind System Quest Curriculum

The Silva Ultramind System is a 28-day online program hosted by Mindvalley founder and Silva instructor Vishen Lakhiani. In just 15 - 20 easy minutes a day, you’ll be guided through The Silva Method’s signature tools and training for harnessing your mind’s altered states of consciousness.

As you progress, you’ll start channeling your inner powers in often-surprising ways. For instance, your intuition and creativity will flourish. Ingenious solutions and a-ha moments will rush into your mind. You’ll even feel greater outpourings of confidence and love for yourself.

By the end of the program, you’ll have total mastery of your mind’s full scope of abilities - and in turn, a clear path towards your fullest human potential.

 Goal Accomplishment Criteria

Прошла курс и выполнила все задания

 Personal resources

Доступ к программе и время

 Goal ecological compatibility

Давно интересуюсь brain waves, хочу понять как это все работает

  1. Getting Started

    1. Intro 1 - Welcome to the Silva Ultramind System 14 mins

    2. Intro 2 - About Jose Silva 11 mins

    3. Intro 3 - The Quest Design 5 mins

    4. Intro 4 - Altered States and Brain Waves 7 mins

  2. Week 1: The Mental Screen, Projection of Consciousness & Intuition

    1. Lesson 1 - Mastering Posture and Style 23 mins

    2. Lesson 2 - Tap into Alpha with the Centering Exercise 27 mins

    3. Lesson 3 - ESP & the Mental Screen 22 mins

    4. Lesson 4 - The Mental Video Techniquee: Enlist Higher Intelligence to Solve Problems 34 mins

    5. Lesson 5 - Projection into Your Home 41 mins

    6. Lesson 6 - Centering Exercise 2 27 mins

    7. Lesson 7 - The Compass & The Rocket 14 mins

  3. Week 2: Theta Brainwaves and Waking Psychic Ability

    1. Lesson 8 - Harness Your Natural Intuitive Ability 38 mins

    2. Lesson 9 - Projection to Metals 36 mins

    3. Lesson 10 - The Three Scenes Technique 23 mins

    4. Lesson 11 - When to Use Each Technique 19 mins

    5. Lesson 12 - Centering Exercise 3 33 mins

    6. Lesson 13 - Develop Psychometry to Read Objects by Touching Them 10 mins

    7. Lesson 14 - Projection into Plant Matter 26 mins

  4. Week 3: Manifesting & Healing

    1. Lesson 15 - Cultivate a Burning Desire to Manifest Your Dreams 41 mins

    2. Lesson 16 - The Power of Belief & Expectancy 14 mins

    3. Lesson 17 - Centering Exercise 4 22 mins

    4. Lesson 18 - How to Accelerate Healing with Your Mind 29 mins

    5. Lesson 19 - Healing Applied 20 mins

    6. Lesson 20 - Projection to Pets 25 mins

    7. Lesson 21 - Programming Your Mind to Hit Your Biggest Goals 22 mins

  5. Week 4: Delta Waves, Higher Guidance & the Mental Video Technique

    1. Lesson 22 - Centering Exercise 5 23 mins

    2. Lesson 23 - Orientation to Projection into Human Anatomy 9 mins

    3. Lesson 24 - Projection to Human Anatomy 35 mins

    4. Lesson 25 - Case Working for Healing Others and Building E.S.P 13 mins

    5. Lesson 26 - Develop Your Waking Psychic Ability 5 mins

    6. Lesson 27 - Refine Your Case Working 3 mins

    7. Lesson 28 - Continuing Past this Program 7 mins

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  • 15 May 2022, 11:53
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