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  • I literally made myself open Expert SRB and do at least something. Result - two pages and half a dozen of new verbs that describe movement. Let's have a contest, shall we? How many verbs from the pic

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  • Today yesterday I finally got down to Expert Coursebook and nailed four pages. After more than a week of procrastination+lack of time it feels like an achievement (but it shouldn't). These pages were

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  • I've just come across a very interesting use of the word "optics" in The Guardian. The article: Victoria police defend arrest of pregnant woman for Facebook post and warn lockdown protesters Context:

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  • Послушала два выпуска The Economist Podcast. Предсказуемо, основная тема - COVID и его влияние на экономику. Зато насобирала хороших фразочек: In a class by themselves Online learning is simply not as

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  • На этой неделе очень мало занималась по учебникам, зато прорвало на дополнительные материалы - BBC, The Guardian, The Economist. Слушала/читала каждый день, насобирала коллекцию полезностей. Вот некот

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