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  • All this week I had one million tabs in three browsers simultaneously. :D That's happened because I had to read a lot of information for my education and practice. But today I cleaned up two browsers

    Free up space 0
  • I have just stuck with cleaning files on my computer because I have a lot of them. But the problem with my browser is solved. I liked it. I extended my goal until March.

    Free up space 0
  • I did a lot of mistakes during this goal. Because it was difficult for me. Now I understand why it was difficult. It is possible when you have a high concentration when you can return your attention t

    Stop eat strawberries 0
  • I tried to eat strawberries today. But I held back a few times. And I can tell you that there’s been some progress. That is very gratifying.

    Stop eat strawberries 0
  • I think I figured out a way to stop eating my favorite strawberries. But this always happens at the beginning of abstinence. First I know, and then a little bit of time goes by, and all I have to do i

    Stop eat strawberries 0
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