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  • Завершаю цель, т.к. испанский мне так и не пригодился(

    My First Steps in Spanish 0
  • Well, I haven't been here for a very long time and lots of things have changed since then. Actually, my first steps in Spanish finished almos at once. The point is that I entered linguistic university

    My First Steps in Spanish 0
  • Hey there! I've been extremely busy, honestly. But it doesn't meen i've done nothing, no! :D Here are some things i've learnt: 1) Firstly, now i know how to count in Spanish (due to the next website -

    My First Steps in Spanish 0
  • Haven't had much progress so far. But i've strated watching "Полиглот 16 с Петровым. Английский, немецкий с нуля за 16 часов для начинающих" (Spanish). It is not bad for the very beginners, so i decid

    My First Steps in Spanish 0
  • Finally i've got enough time to write here. ) oirst of all, i've looked through the books chosen and began with greetings, pronouns and the verbs "Ser" and "Estar and their conjugation". Currently I'm

    My First Steps in Spanish 0
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