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motivation instrument

Word value is an efficient way to
preclude self-sabotage

Many people in their childhood did something on a bet, and in that case motivation increased multiply. Word value works in the similar way, it brings some thrill into the process of achieving your goals.

Word value is a time-proved tool already used by thousands of people. When a person has something to lose, he acts several times more efficiently!

5 reasons

Reasons to start using "Word value":
  1. You always put off important changes in your life;
  2. Your motivation is not good enough;
  3. You forget to report on your goals;
  4. You lack the former excitement;
  5. Your progress in achieving the goal is too slow.

how it works

Create a new goal or edit the existing one. Set your goal time-lines, press the button "Word value", the system will offer you to place a bet and set up the reporting mode (see below), save the goal. After this, your goal will appear in a special section where all goals with Word value are located, the goal will also be marked out from the rest of the list with a bright ribbon in the corner.

Now comes the crucial point, that is, working directly on the goal. For its successful completion you should meet all the conditions and, what is most important, provide actual evidence of achieving it.

In practice, we proved that Word value doesn’t work if anyone may terminate a goal at any moment, without having taken any actions herewith.

That’s why we introduced a jury trial which is supposed to judge your fairness by voting. The jury consists of the goal subscribers, or in the absence of such — the project administration.

What bet to choose?
The bet should be considerable for you, for example, $50-100 will be enough for a student; it may be $1,000 or more for a businessman. You are free here to choose by yourself.

Report modes
For your convenience, we have implemented different report modes to cover maximum needs.

Terms of completion
To return your money, you are to meet all the requirements, such as report timelines (except the mode "At any time"), and to complete the goal before its closing date, having presented maximum evidence to the jury trial (photo, video etc.).

To examine the goal achievement verity, we involve a jury and the site administration.

If you achieved your goal
100% of the bet amount returns to your SmartProgress internal account. You can withdraw the money through PayPal.

If your goal failed
Money is written off from the account. You may file a complaint and restore justice.

Report modes

  • Report
    at any time

    You may keep records in your goal diary whenever you want. But be careful! A goal is considered a fail if you don’t complete it before the closing date.
  • Report
    every day

    You will have to place a report daily before 00:00 local time, otherwise the goal is considered a fail. Check the correctness of your time zone in your profile settings.
  • Report
    once a week

    You have to post a conclusion once a week. What happened during these 7 days? The report should be placed weekly before Sunday midnight local time. Otherwise, you will be dropped out because of a missing post.

What happens in case of failure?

Goal is considered a fail in 3 cases:
1. The time set as closing date is expired.
2. A report on the goal is missing (only in cases when a limited report mode is chosen, for example, “Every day”).
3. You have chosen the status "Failed" yourself after the goal completion.

When a goal has failed, it gets closed for editing, access to the goal diary is blocked. You can’t work with it any more.

Then the arbitration process is held.


When there is no arbiter to judge the fact of achieving or failing the goal, the temptation of self-sabotage is great. Right for this reason your goal subscribers on SmartProgress become the members of the jury who by the goal completion render their verdict by voting.

Why just subscribers? Because it was they who have been monitoring your goal all the way through its implementation and may become your open-minded judges.

When you indicate the goal is completed, your subscribers automatically receive emails with a request to be arbiters and confirm/refute your decision.

The process of voting lasts 5 days. After, it gets closed and depending on the result, the money either returns to your account or is written off.

If you haven’t engaged subscribers during your goal existing time, the decision on the goal status is taken by a moderator.

In order to prove your goal achievement verity to the jury, provide maximum evidence, such as photo or video.

You may dispute the arbitration sending your claims to our email.


You may activate Word value in an existing goal
or when creating a new one.

Create a goal

In the Form of goal creating,
press the button "Word value"

Go to profile

Choose your goal from the list
and press "Edit"

Are you ready to bring some thrill in and make the achievement a captivating affair? So use the "Word value" easily.

If you still have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.
Our email — [email protected]